The Luxury SUVs of the Stars Right Here in Pasadena

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A lot of people appreciate all that an SUV can do. Some people buy them for their cargo space, others for their off-roading capabilities and some just love the feel of a good SUV. Whatever you're looking for in one, Bentley Pasadena has the SUVs for you to truly have it all.

The Beauty of the Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga's name is an amalgamation of Bentley and Taiga, the world's largest snow forest and it certainly lives up to its reputation of a fast and luxurious SUV. The engine of the Bentayga is unlike anything you'll find on your average SUV with its 600 horsepower, a top speed of 187 miles per hour and the ability to jump from zero to 60 miles per hour in in four seconds. Your passengers will enjoy the speed capabilities and the overall interior comfort that the Bentayga can provide with a premium leather interior with genuine wooden accents.

More To See in the Future

While the Bentayga may be our only SUV available at the moment, Bentley recently unveiled a new version of this SUV at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show: the 2019 Bentayga Hybrid. This progressive model is expected to feature a three-liter V6 engine as well as a plug-in electric motor and battery, capable of gaining up to 31 miles in between charges. While it may not be available for purchase yet, don't hesitate to call our sales team for any information on the Bentayga Hybrid SUV and keep yourself informed.

If you like how the Bentayga SUV looks, then come test drive one today here at Bentley Pasadena! We're located at 285 West Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. See you soon!

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