Coronavirus Preventative Measures for Your Bentley

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Bentley Pasadena knows that we all need to work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For many of our Glendale and Arcadia neighbors, knowing what coronavirus preventative measures to take when cleaning their Bentley is of the utmost importance. Find out how to drive more securely by reading on.

Coronavirus Preventative Measures: What Areas Should I Clean?

In what follows, we cover all of the areas that you should focus on disinfecting and cleaning when you’re taking coronavirus preventative measures with your Bentley. Bear in mind that it pays to be thorough, and that it never hurts to go the extra mile.  Here are a few of the high-touch places in your Bentley’s cabin:

  1. Start with the steering wheel. Whether you drive yourself or you travel by chauffeur, the steering wheel is going to be touched. (Of course, you should use PPE and gloves when they’re available.) Pay close attention to areas where dirt and bacteria can hide, like stitching, seams and the buttons used for everything from cruise control to speaker volume. Wipe these areas down thoroughly.
  2. Clean interior and exterior door handles and buttons. Another area that Los Angeles drivers touch most is door handles and dash buttons or knobs. Be careful to not use a disinfectant wipe on exterior handles because it could damage your paint. While you’re working on the door, take a moment to wipe down all the controls for the windows and side mirrors. You should also wipe down the rearview mirror.
  3. Wipe down the infotainment system. Carefully wipe down the buttons and knobs to remove dirt and germs. For the touch screen, use a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and dust. Remember, harsh chemicals, paper towels, and tissues can damage the screen.
  4. Clean the cup holders, consoles, and storage areas. Any open area can collect dirt, crumbs, and spills. Clean the visible dirt first and then break out the wipes to clean the area thoroughly. Clean your phone thoroughly before setting it on your wireless charging panel.
  5. Clean the seats. Before cleaning any leather surface, do a spot test in an inconspicuous area and let it dry to be sure it doesn’t leave a stain or mark. Whatever you do, don’t completely soak the seats. Wipe down the fabric surfaces, then rinse promptly and dry it as much as possible with a clean dry cloth. Always condition your leather after cleaning.

Do you have questions on what products you should be using? Contact our parts department directly or schedule cleaning and detailing at our Pasadena surface center.

We’re All In This Together

Ultimately, it’s up to all of us to follow the CDC’s recommendations and take coronavirus preventative measures together. Here at Bentley Pasadena, we’ll always be in your corner. Find out what we’re doing to protect our customers, staff members, and our Los Angeles-area neighbors, and let us know what we can do to help you.