How to Check Your Transmission Fluid Like a Pro

transmission fluid

You might know how to check your car oil and how often to change your car oil in Los Angeles, but other DIY car care tasks aren’t quite as common. Did you know that learning how to check your transmission fluid can be just as easy for Glendale drivers? In this guide, we’ll walk you through how often do you check your transmission fluid and how to go about this simple process, so your car will stay in top shape. But first, you’ll need to figure out whether your car has a dipstick or sealed transmission:

How to Check Your Transmission Fluid with a Dipstick

  1. Start the engine and let the car idle for a moment while you locate the owner’s manual.
  2. Your owner’s manual will tell you where your transmission dipstick is located.
  3. Find the dipstick and remove it. Touch the transmission fluid and inspect the color.
  4. If your fluid is clear with a pink hue, you are good to go. If it is dirty or burnt, you should schedule a service.
  5. Wipe the fluid off the dipstick with a clean rag and replace it. Pull the dipstick out one more time and check the level.
  6. Add more fluid with a funnel if the level falls under the “Full” indicator.

How to Check Your Transmission Fluid with a Sealed Transmission

While it’s very simple to check your transmission fluid in a car with a dipstick, a sealed transmission is a different story. Many newer vehicles have sealed transmission designs to help decrease maintenance and increase the lifespan of your transmission fluid. However, this means you’ll need to leave the service work to a certified professional. If you attempt to check the fluid in a sealed model, you run the risk of damaging your Bentley. We recommend scheduling your transmission check every 5,000 miles as part of routine maintenance, but stop by early if you notice these warning signs:

  • Grinding sound during gear shifts
  • Significant delay in gear changes during shifting
  • Significant delay during acceleration

Schedule Transmission Service at Bentley Pasadena!

If you’re due for a transmission service, contact us at Bentley Pasadena — just a short drive from Burbank in Pasadena. You can also learn more about maintaining your Bentley with our certified service center. Our team would be happy to answer any questions about your car and we can help you resolve virtually any problem — from water leaks to figuring out how often to rotate your tires.