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A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Leather Seat Care

Learning how to clean leather car seats only takes a moment, but the results of your study could last a lifetime. With the right products and techniques, a comprehensive leather seat care regimen can help to preserve the undeniable beauty of your Bentley interior for all the years to come.

Our drivers deserve the best, so we covered more than the basics. Once you’ve seen how to clean your car seats, read on to learn all about cleaning the steering wheel, veneers, trims, and finishes, too! No one understands quality like Bentley Pasadena, so you can trust that you’re in excellent hands.



Leather Seat Care: What Products Should I Use?

There’s one common mistake that we see again and again with Los Angeles-area drivers who are just starting to learn about luxury leather seat care. Alcohol-based cleaning products are often a go-to for those who want to to clear away germs and pathogens, but these will invariably dry out and exhaust your leather! You’ll also want to avoid all household cleaners, detergents, and furniture polish. Do not use heat, steam, or spot cleaners, or any product based in wax or silicon.

Always use mild, pH-neutral, scentless water-based solutions to clean the leather car seats in your Bentley. If you don’t have a preferred product, contact our parts department for a model-specific recommendation. If you don’t check in with us first, clean a small, hard-to-see area to test the product before you apply it all over.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats: Step-by-Step

  1. Carefully vacuum your interior to remove dust and heavier debris. Work slowly to avoid scratching the leather, and make sure you pick up all material that could leave scratches.
  2. Spray your chosen pH-neutral solution onto a soft, non-abrasive cloth (look for microfiber). While some may tell you to spray the seats directly, we don’t recommend this choice. A direct spray may soak through the seats, especially if your leather is perforated. Soaking the seats can cause permanent damage.
  3. Use this cloth to gently rub the cleaner into the leather. A soft-bristled brush might help you achieve a deeper clean, but you’ll want to exercise extreme caution with any tool that can scratch your leather.
  4. Use a second microfiber cloth to apply an appropriate leather conditioner. Once again, we recommend choosing a product that was designed for use in your Rolls-Royce. After the leather conditioner has tried, take another fresh microfiber cloth and buff the remaining product into the material.

What Cleaning Products Should Be Used on Other Areas?

Every inch of your Bentley interior is covered by the very finest materials–not just your seats! If you have a moment to continue the process after learning how to clean your leather car seats, take advantage of the following tips to protect the wood, metal, and veneer in your cabin:

  • Open-Pore Wood and similar materials can be gently cleaned with a microfiber cloth and water. For a deeper clean, use a mild soap-based solution. The same is true for any harder plastics or veneers.
  • Controls and electronics can be cleaned using a microfiber cloth with a little bit of water, or with a mild soap-based solution. If you need to get in between crevices, compressed air may be used to remove accumulated dust. 
  • Soft-touch materials demand a higher level of care. Where these are made out of leather, always condition after cleaning. Remember to spray your rag, and don’t soak any materials directly.
  • Other fabric materials in your interior may need to be cleaned with a specialized shampoo. Once again, you should avoid household detergents and check in with our parts department before you use a given product.

Additional Leather Care Tips

  1. Keeping leather seat cleaner and clean microfiber cloths in your cabin can help to eliminate the risk posed by spills and other concentrated messes without resorting to spot treatment or potentially damaging stain removal techniques. Remember to condition after each usage.
  2. Keep your vehicle out of the sun to the greatest extent possible. Over time, sunlight can do just as much damage to leather as alcohol-based cleaners. 
  3. Variations in the quality or design of your leather may require some specialized guidelines or attention. Don’t be afraid to double-check with an expert or schedule detailing service with a team that you can trust.

Bentley Pasadena: Your Leather Seat Care Companion

Our service and parts teams have the experience and the know-how to help you care for any make or model, including your beloved Bentley. Explore our service and parts tips to learn more about how to care for your vehicle at home in Glendale or Burbank.

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